Preschool Shows

Marty the Magician has the perfect silly and amazing magic show for ages 2 - 6!

Marty the Magician is the Preschool Specialist!

That’s why Marty has been the official “Thomas the Tank Engine” featured entertainer for children from ages 2 – 6 for Mattel Toy for nearly 20 years!

Children and Teachers Love Marty the Magician!

Marty the Magician will brighten up your children’s day with his funny, mixed-up magic, audience participation and loads of surprises! The children will be delighted and so will the staff and parents too. Your only problem will be from the children asking when Marty will be coming back!

Marty has the unique ability to connect with children even as young as age 2. The magic is always age appropriate. Children also are learning as they practice counting, naming colors and identifying shapes during the show. The 35 minute show passes by in an instant with the children always wanting to see “just one more!”

Marty even has special shows for Christmas, and his “NOT Scary Halloween show!” 

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